Wednesday 3 October 2012


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Etisalat Nigeria unveils Nano Simcard for its iPhone 5 subscribers.
This new SIM card is based on the European Technical Standards Institute (ETSI) standard for next-generation SIM cards for smart devices, and was designed by top smartphone maker Apple. It is 40% smaller than the current Etisalat micro-SIM, and it ensures that the next generation of super-smart devices is supported seamlessly on the Etisalat network.

The Etisalat Nano-SIM is immediately available at all Experience Centres, and is meant for the newly launched iPhone 5, the latest and best from the stable of Apple.

Subscribers can now enjoy easyblaze on their newly purchased iPhone 5 devices by requesting the Etisalat Nano-SIM at any of our Experience Centres. The SIM is available at no additional cost to any interested subscribers of any of our easyblaze data plans.

For more information on the Etisalat Nano SIM, customers can visit our website or call 200, our toll free Call Centre number, from their Etisalat lines.
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